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Resignation from Political Party

A member of a political party who intends to resign from the political party shall give a written notice prior to his resignation to:

   a) the political party, if the member is an ordinary member; 

   b) the clerk of the relevant House of Parliament, if the member is a member of Parliament; or 

   c) the clerk of a county assembly, if the member is a member of a county assembly.


Resignation documents submitted to the registrar should include a copy of:

   1) Resignation letter from a member received and stumped by a political party.

   2) National ID, or Passport used to register as a voter.  READ MORE >>

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We have received numerous complaints from citizens to have been enlisted by political parties that they never subscribed to.  To curb this fraud, and for accountability and transparency, we are working round the clock to clean up parties membership register. 

The law requires that membership recruitment be consented to upon registration by a person being enrolled; and that only party members would be allowed to participate in the party primaries. 

Should you find yourself registered as a Member of a Political Party that you didn’t apply for, follow the procedure below and we will remove your details;

1) Write a letter of resignation/complaint, with your details to the party.

2) Attach a copy of ID to the letter.

3) Send a copy of your letter and ID to our office, or scan and forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please note that all resignation letters MUST be sent to a political party that recruited you. ORPP only receives copies of the same through hand delivery, or scanned documents to the e-mail above. 

We do not register members on behalf of parties. Parties forward to us list of recruited members. Joining another party is an individual choice. Simply contact the party you would like to join. 

We encourage all Kenyans to check their status.