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Resignation from Political Party

A member of a political party who intends to resign from the political party shall give a written notice prior to his resignation to:

   a) the political party, if the member is an ordinary member; 

   b) the clerk of the relevant House of Parliament, if the member is a member of Parliament; or 

   c) the clerk of a county assembly, if the member is a member of a county assembly.


Resignation documents submitted to the registrar should include a copy of:

   1) Resignation letter from a member received and stumped by a political party.

   2) National ID, or Passport used to register as a voter.  READ MORE >>

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by Nandwa Hope

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; Feb. 13, 2017

Aspirants willing to vie as Independent Candidates have until May 7, 2017 to be cleared by the Registrar of Political Parties. The process which began today will end on the last day that independent candidates are required to submit their application to IEBC.  

To be cleared by the Registrar, an aspirant is required to submit two copies of:

  1. application letter of request for clearance.
  2. copy of National ID/ passport, and
  3. Colored Symbol (printed in A4 paper) and 
  4. a fee of Kshs500 (five hundred shillings).

Upon submission the candidate will receive a clearance certificate certifying that one has not been a member of a political party in the last 90 days to election day.

“Clearance is a requirement by law and that has to be done within a specific timeline. An applicant can also send someone but that must be indicated in the application letter’, said the Registrar, Lucy Ndungu. The Registrar further reiterated that her office is working on an online application portal for clearance which will come out soon. 

For efficiency, candidates are also encouraged to submit colored symbols printed in an A4 paper and in a CD - softcopy they intend to use for verification purpose before submission to IEBC. Upon clearance, a candidate will be issued with:

  1. Letter of clearance certifying that one has not been a member of any political party in the last 90 days to Election Day;
  2. Letter of verification of symbol. 

The candidate will also be required to submit a symbol to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission for approval. The requirement is in line with Section 32 of the Elections Act, 2011. The Commission must also approve the symbol that a candidate intends to use during the election. 

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