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Application for Registration

Registration of any association of persons or organization as a political party occurs upon  application for the same to the Registrar of Political Parties.

Registration of a political party is a two stage process:
Provisional registration, and
• Full registration.

Download a Guide to Parties Registration here

Political Party Membership

There can be no party without members because members are the lifeline of a party. The Political Parties Act places members at the core of Kenyan parties so as to allow them to play these roles in society. Political parties therefore must not only have a membership that is sufficiently large and diverse, they must also know them and involve them in party affairs. How exactly members will be engaged, the Act leaves for each individual party to decide.

Since a political party is a legal entity with its own rights and responsibilities, it has a liberty to decide who and the criteria one needs to satisfy to become a member. And as a requirement with the Act, a political party must stipulate, in its constitution the eligibility for membership.

Political parties recruit members using the specified Party Membership Verification Forms.
These forms are filled in respect of every member of the party and are duly signed. Once a person’s name has been entered into the membership register of a political party, the person becomes a member of that political party.

It is an offence to register a person as a member of a political party without his/her consent. A political party must at any time keep updated and accurate party membership list to be available for the members and the public at the party head office and all party county offices.

The party must recruit members. In doing so, the recruitment process includes the following elements:

  • The party constitution must spell out the membership recruitment requirements.
  • The party must introduce membership card of a specific standard.
  • The party and the member must complete the member verification form.
  • The party must keep and continuously update a membership list.
  • The party must keep and update a list of membership dues paid in accordance with the party constitution.
  • Members implement the traditional roles of a political party in society, such as to:
    • Mobilize citizens for party support
    • Engage with and educate citizens on policies
    • Recruit and  elect political party leaders
    • Nominate party candidates for general election and by-election

    • Formulate public policy views
    • Be educated for future leadership (sustainability of the party)
    • Represent citizens when nominated and elected to the legislative and executive arms of government.
    • Pay membership fees.

    Download Political Party Membership Manual for full details.

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