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New staff have been urged to live by strategic intent of stakeholder value, streamlined internal processes and responsive customer delivery a mantra ORPP believe in as new entrants to the ORPP’s service.

In her address on 16th June, 2021 at the ORPP headquarters to the new staff that joined the Office at varied dated from May, 2021 following completion of competitive recruitment process, the Registrar, Ann Nderitu underscored that the new staff must practice the ORPP definitive core values. “As I welcome you to this great institution we are proud of, you must be guided and live by the core values of professionalism; integrity, respect for the rule of law, impartially and innovativeness that you are all aware of and operate respectfully within the laid down institutional processes and procedures”,

The Registrar outlined a raft of expectations pertaining professional and personal behavior by the new staff. She reiterated the firm belief of ORPP to give exceptional service to the stakeholders in line with strict timelines and customer expectations. “You are joining a team of committed professionals that have built this institution to model regulator we are today. We must embrace team work, consultations, support for one another as well as embrace desirous corporate culture and detest from unpleasant culture to build progress we have attained”, Registrar guided. She further accentuated the cardinal rationale for staff to maintain mental fortitude and live in congruence with ethos in public officers’ Code of Conduct. “We must maintain ‘professional hygiene’ by way of developing and maintaining appropriate personal and professional behavior as expected”, she counseled.

Assistant Registrar Ali Surraw, reminded of the importance of high performance in line with modern day public transformation. “We must be conscious, right from the start, of the need to entrench a culture of high performance with appropriate pace and in synch with modern times in service delivery demands”, Ali said.

Heads of Departments also present encouraged thorough understanding of the mandate of ORPP in order for the recently recruited staff to deliver in their respective dockets. 


Registrar Ann Nderiru (front), Assistant Registrar, Ali Surraw, a section of Heads of Departments during the briefing meeting to

new staff at the ORPP headquarters, 4th floor boardroom

New staff were in full appreciation to have made the cut out of thousands of other equally qualified Kenyans who had applied for the 15 positions publicly advertised in November, 2020. “I am so glad to have gotten this opportunity that was very competitive. I commit to my best, which I believe is the resolve of all the other new staff”, an elated Edward Wamalya, a driver noted.

In the meeting the new staff were taken through the ORPP Code of Conduct after which they signed together with Oath of Secrecy, as an affirmation to fully comply with their provisions. The Code spells out manifold of areas relating to; protection of records; professionalism; conduct of private affairs; gifts and benefit handling; conflict of interest; political neutrality; sexual harassment among others. “An employee who contravenes any provision of the Code is liable for disciplinary action as may be prescribed in any written law”, the Code requires.