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Caucus to enhance young women in political parties’ leadership has been mooted. The initiative under the banner “positioning young women in political parties’ leadership”, seeks to agitate for advancement of young women’s political rights.

The forum aims to equip young women in politics with knowledge and technical know-how in line with changing political landscape to vouch in varied elective and supportive party positions. “It is imperative to strategically position ourselves so that we are beyond a mere statistic gender representation. We therefore, need to build appropriate support systems amongst us to realize this resolve”, reads the initiative’s sponsored concept note shared by Jane Anika, the Executive Director, Green Congress Party also the convener.

In a forum to concretize the initiative virtually on 8th September 2020, the Registrar of Political Parties Ms. Ann Nderitu highlighted key gaps belaboring women in political leadership. She noted of the countable number of women at the helm of the seventy-one (71) fully registered political parties, none of which are youth.

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Key speakers and conveners of the forum. The Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu was among the key speakers.

The Registrar urged it is time that deliberate effort is made to assign roles to young women in political parties that build impetus to leadership. “The current nature of politics has a lot of impediments for women optimal participation, especially the young”, the Registrar noted. Adding that young women should strive to claim their rightful place in politics by joining political parties. “As young women, you must go the extra mile to join political parties and be active members as leadership will not be given on a silver platter”. The Registrar highlighted key interventions the ORPP had made to address some of the challenges. The Political Parties draft Bill that ORPP with stakeholders has developed as one of the interventions envisaged to address a wide spectrum of issues that befall women in politics”, said Ann Nderitu.

The initiative is also supported by the Political Parties Liaison Committees (PPLC). Its key outcomes include: awareness creation on political party processes to the enlisted young women; heightened interest for young women aspiring party leadership; an avenue for further collaborations, support system ahead of general elections among others.