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Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; November 3rd,2020.


Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu is now the first substantive holder at the helm of the Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP). This is after the coming to an end of a rigorous, competitive recruitment process that culminated in her oath of Office on the 2nd November, 2020 by the Chief Justice.

RPP recieves Oath

Registrar of Political Parties, Ms Ann Nderitu recieves oath of office.

The Chief Justice Hon. Justice David Maraga while presiding over the swearing in of the Registrar and two Assistant Registrars at the Supreme Court, lauded the ORPP’s milestones made under Ann Nderitu’s stewardship pursuant to ORPP’s regulatory role of political parties. Hon. Maraga acknowledging the good work the Office had realised pertaining overall management of political parties as well sustaining good working relationship with stakeholders including political parties as well as state and non-state actors. The CJ challenged the Office to continue its good streak of streamlining political processes especially on governance and inter-political party relations. “Your seat will be a fairly hot one. It will therefore be your duty to continue ensuring that political parties operate to promote internal democracies and reign on the non-compliant ones in line with the law for cohesive society”, Maraga urged the Registrar.

CJ Maraga  

Chief Justice David Maraga making his remarks during the swearing in ceremony at the Supreme Court

The Registrar reiterated her commitment to continue steering the ORPP with objectivity and fairness as it has been the tradition. “We have always been a progressive corporate institution that values its history and foundation. I therefore salute the founders of this Office as together with the coming of the  Assistant Registrars double our efforts towards our institutional aspirations”, Ann Nderitu assured after the oath of Office.

Ms. Nderitu further thanked all the stakeholders and staff for the support accorded to her in the two year stint at helm prior to her substantive appointment. She noted her commitment to espouse open and consultative stakeholder engagement in exercise of her duties. “We remain steadfast in our commitment as an Office to institutionalise political parties, a panacea to good governance practices”, noted the Registrar. She further appreciated ORPP staff support to her vision noting that she will continue espousing open engagement with staff for a collective achievement of the Office goals. “We are an Office that is careful to listen to one another and professionally correct one another whenever we err to maintain a working family that we are known for”. 

Recruitment of the Registrar and Assistant Registrars began in May, 2020 following advertisements of their positions in print and broadcast media of national-wide reach. The process entails various phases by different authorities in line with Sections 34, 36A and sixth schedule of the Political Parties Act, 2011. The appointments of the three State Officers were contained in a special issue of The Kenya Gazette Vol. CXXII- No 183, notice No. 8089 of the 9th October, 2020.