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Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; November 3rd,2020.

The two Assistant Registrars Florence Tabu Birya and Ali Abdullahi Surraw took oath of Office on 2nd November, 2020, signalling official start of their respective duties at the Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP). The swearing in presided over by the Chief Justice Hon. David Maraga, took place at the Chief Justice’s chambers at the Supreme Court, Nairobi.

Speaking after the swearing in, the two Assistant Registrars promised to seamlessly gel into the work already attained by the ORPP. They noted the milestones the Office had made and cemented ORPP’s corporate image as a brand responsive to needs of stakeholders locally and across the region.

ASS Registrars  

Assistant Registrars of Political Parties, Mr Ali Surraw and Ms Florence Tabu at the swearing in ceremony.

“I am so delighted to join the ORPP team that has demonstrated exemplary service to this nation. I thank H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and people of Kenya for trusting me with such honourable responsibility I’m taking up today”, appreciated Florence Tabu. She noted of her commitment to bring her wealth of experience to the ORPP fold to steer the Office even to greater levels. “I take note of the strategic leadership the Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu has provided for the time she has been at the helm without the Assistant Registrars. I therefore, commit to join ORPP team to bring about a unique blend of strategic leadership for expected service to this beloved country”, she added. 

His counterpart, Ali Surraw corroborating the commitment while acknowledging the leadership responsibility to his position. “With boundless optimism, I accept this noble opportunity with a deep sense of passion, humility and commitment.  My eyes will be on the strategic goals, my ears wide open to the voices of all and my heart committed to the service”, noted Ali in his remarks after oath of Office.  He further informed of the good image the ORPP has managed to establish and maintain to stakeholders including members of the public. “You have a good corporate name out there. I salute the leadership and staff for attaining such, which persuaded my desire to join such a great institution. It is my assurance that I will support the Registrar towards realising the strategic goals of ORPP”, he acknowledged.

Guests and accompanying family members present, spoke well of seasoned professionals the two are. “Registrar, you have ‘an assistant and half’ that you can depend on as you undertake responsibilities in line with your mandate”, assured one of the guests. Representatives of ORPP staff were elated for the two joining the Office after a long wait. They unanimously acknowledged the completion of a rigorous process of recruitment of substantive Registrar and Assistant Registrars as a day of historical importance not only to ORPP but the country as a whole.

The two Assistant Registrars bring a wealth of expertise and experience to ORPP, having served in varied high ranking portfolios across sectors in respective careers spanning over a decade.