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Independent electoral and boundaries commission (IEBC) in collaboration with Office of the Registrar of political parties (ORPP), held a post-election evaluation workshop on 17th & 18th September 2018 at Sagana gateaway resort. Post-election evaluation (PEE) is one of the last stages in the electoral cycle and it is useful in identifying strengths and weaknesses.

In attendance were Chairman IEBC, Wafula Chebukati, Ag.Registrar of Political Parties Ms Anne Nderitu (MBS), Ag.CEO IEBC Marjan H. Marjan, and Commissioner Professor Abdi Guliye.

The objectives of the workshop were to Evaluating the performance of commission, Discussions on the challenges experienced during the 2017 general elections, assess on whether the goal to conduct credible elections was achieved and how to plan for 2022 general elections from the current evaluation.

By Lucy Kemunto

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; August,31,2018.



In a bid to strengthen regulation and management of political parties, The Acting Registrar of Political Parties Ms Ann Nderitu engaged youths at the Multi-Actor Youth Leaders Dialogue session on Electoral and political reforms that was held at the Sarova Panafric on 30th August 2018.

The session was organized by the Center for Multiparty Democracy (CMD). In her address, she emphasized on the need for more youth participation as politics is purely a game of numbers. “Some of the Key pointers for success in politics are having Ideology, being consistent, networking, personal profiling, and the need for self-development”- Ms Ann Nderitu .

The Registrar encouraged the youth to break from traditional roles such as party rebel rouses and embrace roles of advocacy and change drivers. She also assured the youth of support from The Office of The Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP), in terms of capacity building, networking opportunities and policy development.

The forum was also addressed by several young members of parliament, and ODM secretary general among others.


Image courtesy of CMD

By Lucy Kemunto

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; August,15,2018.

Ms Ann Njeri Nderitu was officially appointed as the Acting Registrar of Political Parties on 10th Agust 2018.  Prior to her secondment to head ORPP in acting capacity, Ms Ann Nderitu was working with The Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) as manager in charge of electoral training.

The newly appointed Registrar of Political Parties takes over from the long-serving head Ms Lucy Ndungu who has now moved to the Commission on Administrative Justice as a commissioner.

Former Registrar of Political Parties, Ms Lucy Ndungu, officially handed over to the newly appointed Registrar on 15th August 2018, at the ORPP board room where she was also officially introduced to the senior management staff.

By Lucy Kemunto

Lions Place Nairobi, Kenya; August,27,2018.

The Out-going Registrar of Political Parties Ms Lucy Ndungu, now member of the Commission of Administrative Justice, called for a meeting with all the Secretary Generals of Political Parties and the Political Parties Liaison Committee in order to introduce the newly appointed Registrar of Political Parties, Ms Ann Njeri Nderitu.

The meeting was held at Silver Springs Hotel on 27th August 2018. Ms Lucy Ndungu gave a brief history of The Office of The Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) and how the office came to be independent.

Click link to read more on the history of ORPP

“ORPPs history cannot be overlooked, let’s keep the history and value the fact that Kenyans are resilient, and we can make it, no matter how difficult the situation is.” – Ms Lucy Ndungu

DSC 5740

Thereafter, Ms Ann Nderitu gave a brief history of her professional experience and her agenda which is to strengthen political parties and promote an inclusive and viable democratic multi-party system in Kenya.

“Regardless of the situation, I will work with commitment, diligence, and passion. The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties is looked unto by many stakeholders to shape the politics of the country. It is only prudent that we work with energy and passion to shape that view so that people can look unto us and and what we are doing to come up with a situation where democracy continually grows and facilitate the process of democracy” – Ms Ann Nderitu


ORPP Bulletin June 2019-2020 Highlights