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ORPP is a state office governed by the principles of governance contained in Article 10 of the Constitution. The office is also committed in promotion of the objects of independent offices as provided for in Article 249 of the Constitution, including:

a)    independence;
b)    protection of the sovereignty of the people;
c)    promoting constitutionalism; and
d)    securing the observance of democratic values and principles.

The ORPP therefore upholds the following specific values:

Professionalism: the office will inculcate a culture of professionalism. Merit, competence and proven experience are the basis of recruitment and reward. Professionalism will reflect on our performance through satisfaction of all our stakeholders.

Integrity: The office puts utmost premium on honesty in the service of its stakeholders. The office will genuinely pursue a policy of non-tolerance of any form of corruption. The staff and everyone engaging with the office take personal responsibility to ensure full accountability for our decisions and conduct.

Teamwork: We believe that together everyone achieves more. We take everyone’s role seriously and value our stakeholders as the sure way of ensuring optimum performance.

Transparency: we invite full scrutiny and accountability. Our credibility as an office depends on how the people we serve view us. We believe in sharing information and promoting both self-assessment and independent scrutiny.

Patriotism: Our mandate is integral to the sustainability of the Kenyan democracy. We value our diversity and legacy as a country. We will apply our resources to ensure that the democratic institutions work to nurture a truly Kenyan nation.

Respect for the rule of law: Constitutionalism and the rule of law is the basis of our existence. The office is established to administer a legal framework that seeks to promote democratic governance of the political system. The ORPP takes great interest in achieving both substantive and procedural rule of law in undertaking our responsibilities.

Equality and equity: The Constitution and the statutory framework governing political parties and elections emphasise principles of equality before the law. The law also positively seeks to assert the rights of marginalised groups. The ORPP will promote diversity and equality in our internal establishment and ensure their promotion in our operations.

Fairness: Impartiality is a pre-condition of effective political party regulation. We will apply the law firmly and dispassionately.

Our Stakeholders