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Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; January 26, 2021.


Stakeholders have validated the ORPP’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan in a session held on 14th January, 2021 in Nairobi. The validation signifies goodwill the Office continues to receive from multiplicity of its stakeholders. It is a clear pointer of the keenness the ORPP places on its strategic direction, responsive to the stakeholder needs and current and future happenings that affect its mandate.

Stakeholders during the validation were drawn from a wide breadth of stakeholders. They included representatives from government agencies, development partners, civil society organizations among others.


Stakeholders keenly  follow proceedings of the ORPP 2020-25 Strategic Plan during a validation forum held in Nairobi on 14th January, 2021

Assistant Registrar of Political Parties Ali Surraw, noted that the forum was one of the ORPP avenues for engaging with stakeholders. He assured that the Office will strive to implement the eight (8) Key Result Areas (KRAs) as steered by various strategies identified in the implementation matrix. “This Strategic Plan hinges our engagement model with all stakeholders and gives a clear sense of direction and purpose in 2020/25 period. We will continue the constructive conversations throughout the period to attain together the aspirations in the Plan”, Ali implored. He further appreciated ORPP staff for their efforts in developing the Strategic Plan with technical assistant of the consultant enlisted.

“We will follow through to the full implementation of this Plan in line with clear responsibilities assigned to the respective functional areas. The Plan is also a yardstick for our service delivery mechanisms as ORPP”, noted Assistant Registrar CPA Florence Birya. 

Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu appreciated stakeholders for the continued support as she assured the Office commitment to meet the stakeholder needs in line with ORPP strategic objectives in the Plan. “We have spent considerable time and thought in the making of this Strategic Plan to ensure that we deliver on our mandate. We remain steadfast and putting forth best effort to meet the needs of the stakeholders including the Kenyans we serve”, Registrar assured in her remarks during the forum. She added that the Plan also sets a quality bar higher for the ORPP to achieve the strategic issues identified. “While we will do our best as ORPP, we call for your continued support as stakeholders in attending to respective expectations isolated in the Plan for a collaborative attainment stipulations contained in this Plan”, she observed.


Registrar (middle) and assistant Registrars (L&R) following through the presentations

The Strategic Plan has isolated eight (8) key result areas that are aligned to the  Office mandate. These are clustered in thematic areas which are: Institutional Capacity; Registration of political parties; Regulation of political parties; Data and records management; Financial Management and Reporting; Strategic partnerships and collaboration; Political parties participation in elections; and Strengthening Strategic Operations of ORPP (Internal Control Systems; Planning; Research; Information and Technology (ICT); and Supply Chain Management). Key to the Plan is also a review of the vision, mission and core values under the strategic model.

The 2020-25 Strategic Plan was developed following a thorough review of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan to ensure incorporation of the outcomes of situational analysis. This approach further informed alignment of the current Plan to National Development Agenda and the relevant Medium Term Plan. It also offers a premise for the Office to implement the Political Parties Act, 2011 and its larger endeavour to fulfil the aspirations of the Kenyan as envisaged in the provisions of Constitution of Kenya, 2010 relevant to the ORPP existence.