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a)    Our Vision Statement
An inclusive and viable democratic multi-party system in Kenya.

b)    Our Mission Statement
To promote institutionalized democratic political parties in Kenya.

c)    Our Mandate
The Political parties Act, 2011 seeks to implement the constitutional basis of strong political parties as the foundation of the Kenyan multi-party republic as declared by the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. The Constitution emphasizes the multi-party democratic system, respect for national values, and principles of governance as mutually reinforcing elements of the political system. In this regard, the office mandate are to:

(a) Register, regulate, monitor, investigate and supervise political parties to ensure compliance with the Act;

(b) Administer the Political Parties Fund established by the Act;

(c) Ensure publication of audited annual accounts of political parties;

(d) Verify and make publicly available the list of all members of political parties;

(e) Maintain a register of political parties and the symbols of the political parties;

(f) Ensure and verify that no person is a member of more than one political party and notify the Commission on findings;

(g) Investigate complaints received under the Act;

(h) Perform such other functions as may be conferred by the Act or any other written law.

The statutory functions of the ORPP are founded by the basic requirements for political parties and the framework for political parties legislation under Article 91 and 92 of the Constitution.

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