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 Download list of fully registered political parties here: with name, abbreviation and symbol.

Download full list here:  with name, abbreviation, telephone numbers and physical addresses of Political Parties

 Provisionally Registered Political Parties

Download full list of Provisionally Registered Political Parties here:

 The Political Parties Act 2011, Sec 6 states that an application for the provisional registration of a proposed political party

shall be in writing and be signed by the applicant. An application for provisional registration shall—

    (a) include signed minutes of the first meeting of the founding members of the political party;

    (b) set out the name of the political party;

    (c) if the political party wishes to use an abbreviation of its name for the purposes of this Act, set out that abbreviation;

    (d) be accompanied by a copy of the constitution of the proposed political party which shall  comply with the law; 

    (e) include a request for the registration of the symbol of the political party.

    (f) include an undertaking to be bound by this Act and the Code of Conduct set out in the First Schedule; and

    (g) be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

A political party that has been provisionally registered shall, not later than one hundred and eighty days from the date of provisional registration, apply to the Registrar for full registration.

Political Parties Shared offices

 Fourteen (14) political parties under The FORUM coalition offices sharing initiative.

Download full list here: with name, abbreviation, telephone numbers and physical addresses of Parties under Forum Coalition (FC)

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