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Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; December,01,2019.

The end year festivities for the Lea Toto Centre, an outfit under Nyumbani Children’s Home, came early following the Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP’s) support on the 29th November 2019. The heavy down pour during the visit did not dampen the spirit and zeal of staff volunteering the visit to the Centre, tucked right inside Kangemi area. The team endured the rain to ensure that the visit had to happen. To their effort, delightful of moments shared through dance, sharing of a meal and gifts as well as uplifting talks radiated a ray of hope and joy to the lovely children who have to surmount myriad health and socio-economic challenges that befall them.

We have come here as ORPP family because we are mindful of the underprivileged amongst our immediate society, said Hope Nandwa. “Friends you choose may make or break you, hence the need to careful identify and maintain friends willing and committed to your progress especially in your studies”, advised Silas Lukale during the education talk to the teens. We celebrate all involved in the care and concern not just of the little ones but their caregivers, noted Christine Makena, while handing in the items on behalf of the team.


A section of ORPP team and Centre Administrators during the Lea Toto Centre visit in Kangemi, Nairobi

The Administrators of the Centre were delighted of the visit, which was made possible by the overwhelming support from members of staff. “Christmas has come early for us, we have every reason to merry. Please pass our regards to the Management and the rest of the ORPP”, said the Centre’s nutritionist in her closing remarks.

The visit jointly organised by the Corporate Communication and Communication and Resource Centre Committee, was part of the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) intent as encapsulated under the humanitarian intervention focus area.


Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; December,2,2019.

The Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) on Monday 2nd December 2019, in Nairobi, launched a cache of publications. The event was a culmination of a multi-stakeholder concerted effort towards the publications’ authorship, reviews and eventual publication.

The publications launched were the Popular Version of the Political Parties Act; Political Parties Leadership Training Source Book; The Communication Policy and Strategy; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy and Strategy and Service Charter.

Lead speakers and partners lauded the development of the documents as a noteworthy milestone critical in the empowering players in political processes. “Having been on process from its inception, I can tell you that the journey has been long and involving, but I am happy that we together celebrate the coming to be of these essential publications”, appreciated  Prof. Lee Muthoga, one of the lead Intellectuals in the development of the Source book and a guest speaker during the event. His sentiments corroborated by Prof. Catherine Ndungo, one of the frontage scholars towards the making of the Popular Version. She was pleased to have translated the version into Kiswahili language, terming it as one of ways of delivering legalese message to Kenyans across board in language they can easily understand.  

ORPP Launch grp pic

Key note speaker Hon. Justice Mbogholi Msagha (3rd right) Chairperson, the Judiciary Committee on

Elections, the Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu (2nd right) andother guests launch the

ORPP corporate publications

In his key address, Hon. Justice Mbogholi Msagha, Chairperson, the Judiciary Committee on Elections, challenged the political class to take lead in solving challenges of the country, particularly in respect to political disputes. The Chief Guest noted, such resolution rests heavily on political parties’ internal dispute mechanisms as contained in their respective founding constitutions. “Integrity and transparency in political parties’ affairs especially those regarding disputes can substantially reduce disputes that escalate to Political Parties Dispute Tribunal and obviously affect electorates”, appealed the Msagha. He also called on the political parties to regularly review their constitutions and code of conduct cognisant the dynamics that come especially after election outcomes. The Hon. Judge further appealed to the political leadership to communicate right and progressive perspectives to the populace that informs day to day narratives for many Kenyans.

The Chairman, Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) Hon. William Cheptumo assuring his to marshal up support for the ORPP to deliver the critical mandate to the Kenyan people. “As the National Assembly, we will legally and financially support Registrar’s Office as a key Office in delivering the good work it is doing,” noted the Chairman.

Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu while appreciating the stakeholders for unwavering support to ORPP, promised ORPP’s commitment towards reaching out to the stakeholders of all walks of life through stakeholder trainings, awareness creation and other mechanisms to ensure Kenyans are sensitized of the wealth of knowledge contained in the publications.

The well-attended launch had participants drawn from representatives of the UN Women and supporting partners; representatives of registered political parties; members of National Assembly and Senate; representatives of select foreign Missions and Embassies in Kenya; governance and civil society organisations among others.

The Leadership Training Source Book is an expert- compiled curriculum for training the political leadership on a breadth of areas to enhance adherence to tenets of the Constitution, Political Parties Act and the respective political parties’ Code of Conduct. The simplified version of the Political Parties Act is one of mechanism for enhancing wider access to legal information to the citizens and the sector players. The two publications are complemented by said institutional policy and strategy framework to be implemented within the quality standards precincts set out in the ORPP Service Charter, also launched.


Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; November,11,2019.

The milestones made by the Office of Registrar of Political Parties in managing political parties and country’s electoral process will be a key reference point to guide Somali in her preparation for national elections. To initiate the engagement towards this resolve, ORPP played host to a delegation from the Registrar of Political Parties, Somali for a study visit from 11th to 14th November, 2019. The visiting team sought to learn from Kenyan experiences of the electoral governance system as a critical phase towards preparing the country’s first democratic elections after over five decades. Giving brief of the visit on day one, Mohamed Omar Ahmed, the Somali’s Registrar of Political Parties singled out ORPP as one of the targeted institutions that is deemed to have played central role towards political processes in Kenya and made imprint on its role across the Africa. As such he noted, “as one of the identified partners for corporation towards our election preparations, we are so glad to have gotten the opportunity to visit and learn how to run politics, how to guide political parties as vehicles of entrenching democracy and other areas that underpin the entire spectrum of managing politics. Indeed, Somali is already indebted to Kenya, having borrowed heavily in the making and actualizing our current electoral legislation”. He further observed that the visit demonstrated the long standing partnership with Kenyan institutions and cordial bilateral relations between the two countries, which Somali is committed to foster.

Somali Reg PP2

A section of ORPP Management team receives the delegation from the Somali’s Registrar of Political Parties (seated from 1st – 3rd right) on

11 th November 2019 in the ORPP.


His counterpart, Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu noting the Office delight to host the guests as an opportunity also to learn from the Somali experience. “As we take you through the specific areas for each of our functional areas in the course of your study tour, we will appreciate to learn from you as we strive to optimize effectiveness on our tasks”, noted Ms. Nderitu.

The team also visited the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal (PPDT) to learn the country’s political-related dispute resolution mechanisms that complements the political parties’ dispute mechanisms.

The Office of the Political Parties - Somali, operates under the precincts of the National Independent Elections Commission (NIEC) established in 2015 as one of key institutional foundations for a centralized management of the country’s democratic national elections scheduled for 2020.

By Nandwa Hope                                                                                         

20th November 2019


Women should be seen as a voice of reason rather than those agitating for the fall of fellow women leaders. This was the resounding message pervading the Women Agenda Conference that was held at Safari Park Hotel on 19th November 2019.

The conference, themed State of the Nation and women’s voice on Kenya’s Governance Reform Agenda,  brought together over 200 women leaders in politics, civil society, government, professional associations, private sector, social movements, academia and faith based organizations across the country. The   objective of the forum was to deliberate and take stock of and position on the ongoing governance reform proposals as well as propose concrete strategies for stabilizing the country’s political setting.

Registrar of Political Parties Ms.Ann Nderitu was among key women leaders and lead speakers during a conference she applauded women participation in Political Parties which attributed to improvements from the previous years.

Women fora 1

From left-right, Hon Martha Wangari, MP Gilgil, Ms. Ann Nderitu Registrar of Political Parties, Sen. Abshiro Halakhe and

Hon Rozaah Dwasi Buyu Kisumu County Women Representative during the State of the Nation &Women's Voice Governance Forum.

 “Out of the one thousand and fifty eight (1,058) leaders we have as National Executive Councils of political parties, three hundred and four (304) are women, accounting for   32%  women leadership in top level organ of political parties  in the country”, she noted.

She further added that out of the sixty eight (68)  fully registered political parties, five (5) women are currently their respective political party leaders- six(6) being Chairpersons, twelve (12) are Secretary Generals while  twenty nine(29)  are Treasurers.

Ms. Nderitu further noting “The challenge of inclusion of youth and women in political leadership is a social and attitude problem hence to solve it there should be effective programs aimed at behavior change within the society”, she added.

On electoral reforms, the Registrar noted key among the issues that affect women participation in political parties pertains candidature of women.

 “In an effort to ensure that party primaries are held in a democratic and systemic manner, ORPP has been steering  a multi-agency taskforce on party primaries, with the mandate to review the framework for political parties primaries to ensure promotion of free and fair nomination of candidates”, she further informed.

Registrar at women delegation

Registrar of Political Parties, Ms Ann Nderitu,

making her presentation at the women fora

Finance and elections was also noted as among factors that influence the participation of women candidates with the clearance fees of the candidates vying termed to be high. She urged political parties to consider introducing incentives such as waivers   on nomination fees for women and provide financial support especially to from women disadvantaged socio-economic conditions as part of the affirmative action.

Ms. Nderitu noted the need to develop well-structured forum for Women Aspirants through political parties. This shall mobilize and popularize the women candidates who do not make it through in the past elections through such support programs that need to extend to the grass roots.

She advised on the need to have a balanced media coverage on women leaders and aspirants for a level-playing field popularization with male counterparts. 

Dennitah Ghati, nominated by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to represent People with Disabilities (PWDs) interests in the National Assembly urged fellow women to always remember their fellow women with disabilities for they have been sidelined.

“Political Parties have let down women with disabilities. Most of us fall at the primaries. It is important to have all political parties have representation of the  disabled as they as they are best suited to understand the challenges and interests of PWDs,” she urged.

She however, lauded the Uasin Gishu County for having good representation of the people with disabilities.

Capacity building was reiterated for the participants at both at National and grass root levels as well as uproot patriarchy from the women’s mindsets. Adoption and push for common and clear agenda was also singled out one of the workable way to achieve the aspiration of women.

 “It is important to set our own agenda as if we do not have an agenda, we will be given empty promises’, Roselyn Odede added with Martha Karua, the NARC Kenya party leader underscoring “We have invested and empowered our girls and women so as not to play second fiddle to anyone. As women, let us go for top positions”.

Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; October,11,2019.


The Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) has re-assured that the information system it deploys in the management of political parties is fool-proof. The Integrated Political Parties Management System (IPPMS), an internally developed system has in its security design an encompassing security features to safeguard its data and manage its use.

The Office stated this position as one of its submissions to the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on 3rd October 2019 at Parliament buildings. The Registrar Ann Nderitu, noted that the Office continued to review and improve this and other envisaged systems for optimal attainment of their intended purpose. “We have in place a robust and tamper-proof system that has incorporated in its design and management all tenets of information security management”, the Registrar noted.

Registrar at parliament buildings

The system which has been lauded by stakeholders as a pivotal online mechanism was further explained to have well-controlled users’ credentials to mitigate unauthorized access. “We grant user access rights to designated external parties with express guidelines and accountability procedures”, explained the Senior ICT Officer, Bob Waithaka.The ICT Head, also highlighted to the PAC members of soon to be embarked process of engaging relevant government agencies to explore partnership as one of the ways of expanding the scope of the system through available e-platforms such as the e-citizen.

The Registrar further informed of the on-going programme to upgrade the system to incorporate other functionalities. She noted the upgrade is solely informed by a clearly mapped out gaps and stakeholder feedback received in the course use of the system.

The ORPP team appeared to the PAC Committee to present the audited accounts for the ORPP’s financial year 2016/17, which the Office of the Auditor-General had favourably rated as “unqualified” with minor areas of improvement. Other areas of discussion during the meeting centred on administration of Political Parties Fund, party primaries among other election legal reforms.