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Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 159 – 28th August, 2020

Gazette Notice No.6399 Notice of Change of Chama Cha Uzalendo Party details,Gazette Notice No 6401:Notice of  Provisional Registration of Mabadiliko Party of Kenya,Gazette Notice No.6402:Notice of  Provisional Registration of Integrity Party of Kenya,Msingi wa Utaifa Party,Accountability and Transparency Party,Chama Changamko Kenya,Gazette Notice No.6403:Notice of change of National liberal Party officials Pg 3385-3386.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 155 – 21st August, 2020

Gazette Notice No.6004 Intention to change Amani National Congress Party Constitution Pg 3241Intention to change Amani National Congress Party Constitution Pg 3241.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 147 – 30th July, 2020

Gazette Notice No.5417 Change of Political Party details for Agano Party,Gazette Notice No.5418:Civic Renewal Party,Kenya National Congress,Roots Party of Kenya and Party for Development and Growth.Provisional Registration for National Democracy and Expansion Party,Change of Civic Renewal Party constitution,postal address and party official.Gazette Notice No.5419:Statement of Comprehensive income for Peoples Party of Kenya for the year ended June 2019 Pg 3016-3047.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 109 – 12th June, 2020

Notice of Change of name of Modern Alliance Party to Maendeleo Democratic Party,symbol and Party officials Pg 2125-2126.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 97 – 29th May, 2020 

Notice for Full Registration of The Service Party and National Ordinary People Empowerment Union Pg 2031.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 87 – 15th May, 2020 

Vacancies in the Office of the Registrar and Assistant Registrar of Political Parties P9 1912-1913.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 64 – 9th April, 2020 

Notice for Provisional Registration of Party Of Growth and Prosperity Pg 1679.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 58 – 3rd April, 2020 

Gazette Notice No.2840:Notice of change of Muungano Party officials,Gazette Notice no 2841:Notice of Provisonal Registration of Party for Peace and Democracy Pg 1504.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 50 – 20th March, 2020

Notice of Provisional Registration of Entrust Pioneer Party and African Development Congress Pg 1391.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 42 – 6th March, 2020

Gazette Notice No.1904 Notice of Election of Muungano Party Leader.P9 1222.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 34 – 21st February, 2020 

Gazette Notice No.1398 Change of Federal Party Official,Change of Shirikisho Party and Liberal Democratic Party Constitution and Mzalendo Saba Saba name Pg 1056.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXII-No. 30 – 14thFebruary, 2020 

Gazette Notice No.1270 Notice of Provisional Registration of Universal Unity Party and The Great Nationhood Party Pg 985.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 171 – 13thDecember, 2019

Gazette Notice No.11829 Notice of change of Roots Party of Kenya location and Political Party officials Pg 4844.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 156 – 15thDecember, 2019                

Gazette Notice No.10863 Notice for Provisional Registration of  The Service Party Pg 4545.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 152 – 8thNovember, 2019

Gazette Notice No.10519 Notice of Change of United Green Movement Political Party Official.Pg 4448.    

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 150 – 1stNovember, 2019

Gazette Notice No.10386 Notice for Provisional Registration of Green Thinking Action Party Pg 4359.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 140 – 18thOctober, 2019

Gazette Notice No.9959 Notice for Provisional Registration of National Ordinary People Empowerment Union Pg 4185.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 134 – 11thOctober, 2019

Gazette Notice No.9609 Change of Political Party Details for Peoples Party of Kenya and Kenya Patriots Party of Kenya Pg 4047.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 122 – 13th September, 2019

Gazette Notice No.8651 Change of Political Party Details for Democratic Party of Kenya Pg 3757.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 113 – 30th August, 2019

Gazette Notice No.8106 Independent Candidate symbols for By-Elections Scheduled for 17th October 2019 Pg 3615.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 95 – 2ndAugust, 2019

Gazette Notice No.7136 Change of Political Party Details for Movement for Democracy and Growth Pg 2792.

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No. 88 – 12thJuly, 2019

Gazette Notice No.6421Notice for Provisional Registration of Transformation National Alliance Party of Kenya,Democratic Action Party-Kenya and National Ordinary People Empowerment Union Pg 2585

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.85 – 5thJuly, 2019

Gazette Notice No.5965Notice for Provisional Registration of Nyayo za Umoja,Kenya Moja People's Party,Ideal Democratic and Economic Party,Sauti ya Mwananchi Party and Pambazuko Alliance Party of Kenya Pg 2474-2475

 Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.82 – 28th June, 2019

Gazette Notice No.5834 Notice of amendment of National Liberal Party, Restore and Build Kenya, Roots Party of Kenya, Kenya Patriots Party, People’s Trust Party, People’s Empowerment Party, New Democrats and Safina Party Constitution. United Democratic Movement, National Democratic Movement, Roots Party of Kenya, Restore and Build Kenya, Justice and Freedom Party and Mazingira Greens Party Officials and Change of Sisi kwa Sisi name Pg 2393-2394

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.79 – 21st June, 2019

Gazette Notice No.5437 Notice of Political Parties Liason Committee Election Results  Pg 2291

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.77 – 14th June, 2019

Gazette Notice No.5270 Notice of Change of Party of National Unity party officials Pg 2013

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.68 – 31st May, 2019

Gazette Notice No.4798 Notice for change of Democratic Party of Kenya party officials Pg 2101

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.66 – 24th May, 2019

Gazette Notice No.4450 Notice for Provisional Registration of Party of Economic Democracy, National Reconstruction Alliance, Unified Change Party and Ushirika wa Haki na Maendeleo Pg 2013

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.64 – 17th May, 2019

Gazette Notice No.3143 Notice for application for Full Registration of United Green Movement Pg 1980-1981

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.59 – 10th May, 2019

Gazette Notice No.4517 Notice for intention to change Kenya Patriots Party and Modern Alliance Party Constitution, Change of Modern Alliance party officials Pg 1897

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.39 – 5th April, 2019

Gazette Notice No.3143 Notice for intention to change Democratic Party of Kenya symbol Pg 3184

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.34 – 22ndMarch, 2019

Gazette Notice No.2665 Notice for intention to change Democratic Party of Kenya Party official Pg 1114

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.22 – 22ndFebruary, 2019

Gazette Notice No.1661 Notice for intention to change Justice and Freedom Party official Pg 614

Gazette Notice Vol. CXXI-No.16 – 8th February, 2019

Gazette Notice No.1172 Notice for intention to amend Frontier Alliance Party constitution and party officials Pg 371

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.137 – 9th November, 2018

Gazette Notice No.11662 Notice of Change of Diligence Development Alliance party officials

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.121 – 5th October, 2018

Gazette Notice No.10190 Notice of Change of National Rainbow Coalition –Kenya Party officials, Gazette Notice No.10191 Notice of Change of Party of National Unity Pg 3453-3454

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.108 – 7th September, 2018

Gazette Notice No.9139 Notice of Change of Maendeleo Democratic Party name Pg 3115

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.95– 10th August, 2018

Gazette Notice No.8167 Notice of Change of Labour Party of Kenya, Chama Mwangaza Daima,National Party of Kenya, National Rainbow Coalition,Agano Party, Citizen Convention Party, Farmers Party, Kenya Patriotic Party, People’s Party of Kenya, Party of Democratic Unity, Mazingira Greens Party,Muungano Party, Party of National Unity and New Democrats Political Party offices Pg 2848-2849

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.74– 22nd June, 2018

Gazette Notice No.6171 Notice of Deregistration of Vibrant Party, Gazette Notice No.6172 Notice of Deregistration of Kenya National Democratic Alliance, Gazette Notice No.6173 Change of Social Democratic Party office location and Gazette Notice No.6174 Change of Maendeleo Chap Chap Party officials Pg 1913-1914

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.58– 18th May, 2018

Gazette Notice No.4660 Notice for Provisional Registration of The White Flag Party Pg 1495-1496

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.56– 11th May, 2018

Gazette Notice No.4488 Notice of Change of Orange Democratic Movement party officials Pg 1444-1445

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.40– 29th March, 2018

Gazette Notice No.3071 Notice of Change of office location of Citizen Convention Party Pg 939

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.35– 16th March, 2018

Gazette Notice No.2537 Notice of Change of National Democratic Movement Symbol Pg 797

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.29– 2nd March, 2018

Gazette Notice No.2045 Notice of Change of Party Constitution, Symbol and Slogan for Movement for Democracy and Growth Pg 635

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.26– 23rd February, 2018

Gazette Notice No.1709 Notice for intention to change Thirdway Alliance Kenya Party official , Gazette Notice No.1713 Notice for intention to change National Democratic Movement Party officials, Gazette Notice No.1714 Notice for intention to change Wiper Democratic Movement  Party officials, Gazette Notice No.1715 Notice for Provisional Registration of Grand Dream Development Party, Gazette Notice No.1716 Notice for intention to change Diligence Development Alliance Party officials and Gazette Notice No.1717 Statement of Comprehensive income for the year ended 30th June 2017  Pg 485,488,489

Gazette Notice Vol. CXX-No.11– 26th January, 2018

Gazette Notice No.672 Notice of Change of Ukweli Party officials Pg 188

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