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Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; November,11,2019.

The milestones made by the Office of Registrar of Political Parties in managing political parties and country’s electoral process will be a key reference point to guide Somali in her preparation for national elections. To initiate the engagement towards this resolve, ORPP played host to a delegation from the Registrar of Political Parties, Somali for a study visit from 11th to 14th November, 2019. The visiting team sought to learn from Kenyan experiences of the electoral governance system as a critical phase towards preparing the country’s first democratic elections after over five decades. Giving brief of the visit on day one, Mohamed Omar Ahmed, the Somali’s Registrar of Political Parties singled out ORPP as one of the targeted institutions that is deemed to have played central role towards political processes in Kenya and made imprint on its role across the Africa. As such he noted, “as one of the identified partners for corporation towards our election preparations, we are so glad to have gotten the opportunity to visit and learn how to run politics, how to guide political parties as vehicles of entrenching democracy and other areas that underpin the entire spectrum of managing politics. Indeed, Somali is already indebted to Kenya, having borrowed heavily in the making and actualizing our current electoral legislation”. He further observed that the visit demonstrated the long standing partnership with Kenyan institutions and cordial bilateral relations between the two countries, which Somali is committed to foster.

Somali Reg PP2

A section of ORPP Management team receives the delegation from the Somali’s Registrar of Political Parties (seated from 1st – 3rd right) on

11 th November 2019 in the ORPP.


His counterpart, Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu noting the Office delight to host the guests as an opportunity also to learn from the Somali experience. “As we take you through the specific areas for each of our functional areas in the course of your study tour, we will appreciate to learn from you as we strive to optimize effectiveness on our tasks”, noted Ms. Nderitu.

The team also visited the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal (PPDT) to learn the country’s political-related dispute resolution mechanisms that complements the political parties’ dispute mechanisms.

The Office of the Political Parties - Somali, operates under the precincts of the National Independent Elections Commission (NIEC) established in 2015 as one of key institutional foundations for a centralized management of the country’s democratic national elections scheduled for 2020.

Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; October,11,2019.


The Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) has re-assured that the information system it deploys in the management of political parties is fool-proof. The Integrated Political Parties Management System (IPPMS), an internally developed system has in its security design an encompassing security features to safeguard its data and manage its use.

The Office stated this position as one of its submissions to the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on 3rd October 2019 at Parliament buildings. The Registrar Ann Nderitu, noted that the Office continued to review and improve this and other envisaged systems for optimal attainment of their intended purpose. “We have in place a robust and tamper-proof system that has incorporated in its design and management all tenets of information security management”, the Registrar noted.

Registrar at parliament buildings

The system which has been lauded by stakeholders as a pivotal online mechanism was further explained to have well-controlled users’ credentials to mitigate unauthorized access. “We grant user access rights to designated external parties with express guidelines and accountability procedures”, explained the Senior ICT Officer, Bob Waithaka.The ICT Head, also highlighted to the PAC members of soon to be embarked process of engaging relevant government agencies to explore partnership as one of the ways of expanding the scope of the system through available e-platforms such as the e-citizen.

The Registrar further informed of the on-going programme to upgrade the system to incorporate other functionalities. She noted the upgrade is solely informed by a clearly mapped out gaps and stakeholder feedback received in the course use of the system.

The ORPP team appeared to the PAC Committee to present the audited accounts for the ORPP’s financial year 2016/17, which the Office of the Auditor-General had favourably rated as “unqualified” with minor areas of improvement. Other areas of discussion during the meeting centred on administration of Political Parties Fund, party primaries among other election legal reforms.

Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; September,18,2019.


The Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) continued to live up to its billing following a delightful showcase at this year’s Agriculture Society of Kenya (ASK) Mombasa International Trade Fair and  Central region at the Kabirui-ni showground in Nyeri which took place from 4th to 8th September and  11th to 15th September respectively . The Office participation to the fairs was demonstrable strategic intent to create awareness on its mandate to enhance corporate image and brand impact.

Teams representing ORPP at both shows were on hand to engage one-on-one with the guests, school children, fellow exhibitors and the general public over full complement activities and processes. Key highlights of the fora were: guiding early learners of numerous primary and secondary schools visiting on the political parties and the ideals they espouse; linking the Office activities to the government priorities areas as aptly captured by the current year show theme; engaging high ranking officials and technocrats on varied matters as well as sharing experiences with other exhibitors on mechanisms for keeping pace with latest trends for exceptional service delivery.

attending to client mbs show

ORPP staff, Ms.Damaris Mwaniki (right) explaining the process of registering a political party.

The Office was appreciated by various guests visiting of its laudable initiatives particularly automating various processes. Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga, while visiting the ORPP stand at the Central region show, credited the Political Parties Integrated Management System which he termed as a good platform for consolidating particulars necessary for various processes. “This is a very good data base for us, as with a click of a button, one is appraised of membership status”, the governor said as he checked his party membership status. “As an Office, it is our delight to expand the horizons in serving our stakeholders the best way possible for meaningful impact”, observed the Registrar Ann Nderitu on her visit to the Nyeri team. The Registrar joined other dignitaries who were hosted on Friday 13th September 2019 for the ASK Chairman’s luncheon whose Chief Guest was the Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri.

HE Mutahi Kahiga Nyeri show

Mr. Joseph Nyongesa of ICT (left) and Rebecca Wahu (right), of the Central region explain some of the automated processes of the Office to the Governor

of Nyeri County HE Mutahi Kahiga on his visit to ORPP stand

The shows were coordinated jointly by the corporate communication office and coast and central regional officers. The Office intends to participate in other international, national and regional fairs and shows for wider reach across the country.

Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; September,18,2019.

The Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) and the Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC’s) steering Committee convene from 17th – 20th September, 2019 in Kisumu to discuss various issues pertinent to PPLC activities and plans for the year 2019/20.

Induction of the new PPLC members and subsequent rationalization of its sub-committees in accordance with their respective terms of reference will be undertaken. The rationalization of the committee’s work plan will also be deliberated in consonance with the resources available and be aligned with priority areas of focus for the year under review. Further, the meeting will receive for consideration and adoption the PPLC’s taskforce report on youth and women programmes and receive an update of the party primaries taskforce report.

Group photo

A section of ORPP staff with national Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC) members in a consultative meeting at the Continental Hotel Nairobi in July 2019

The Office coordinates the activities of the PPLC, a Committee provided for under section 38 of the Political Parties Act with core function of providing a platform for dialogue between Registrar of Political Parties, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and the political parties. The Committee has presence at both national and county levels.

Corporate Affairs
Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; August,20,2019.

The tally for provisional registered political parties now stands at eleven (9) after three political parties on varied dates in August, 2019 were issued with certificates of provisional registration while one ready and on card to receive one.

The three political parties that receipted their certificates at the ORPP Office in the month were: Transformation National Alliance Party (TNAP), Democratic Action Party Kenya (DAP), and Pambazuko Alliance Party of Kenya (PAPK). 

The receipt of provisional registration signifies a start of journey, that obliges the political party to build required structures such as recruiting not fewer than one thousand (1000) registered voters in not less than twenty (24) counties), establish governance organs and required offices among other conditions. The conditions are to be met within the legally bound timeline of 180 days to full registration.

Preceding the issuance, the Office had thorough scrutiny of their respective ideologies and guided them accordingly. “Besides the clear work cut-out ahead as spelt out in the tenets of foundation, you have to live up to the expectations of your elaborate ideologies which we have discussed and agreed on”, Ann Nderitu, the Registrar urged while issuing the certificate to TNAP on August 2nd. "We are at all times keen to follow through to ensure all political parties fully comply with provisions of the Political Parties Act," the Registrar added as a reiteration to the officials of the newly registered parties of their mandatory responsibility to ensure full adherence. On their part, the parties appreciated ORPP structured mechanisms of engaging political parties at different stages of registration, committing to adhere to the laid down requirements.

The presentation of the certificates was jointly coordinated by the Registrar’s Office, Compliance, ICT and Records with support of the Human Resources Management & Administration and Corporate Communication departments.


Mr. Joel Terer, (L) issues a provisional registration certificate to Pambazuko Alliance Party of Kenya, (PAP-k)


Ms. Dinah Liech (L) issues a provisional registration certificate to Democratic Action Party of Kenya


Records Management Officer, Mr. Saqib Kazungu, (L) oversees the signing of the provisional registration certificate, by the

                                                                                                              Transformation National Alliance Party of Kenya (TNAP) officials