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Corporate Communication Unit.

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; November 3rd,2020.

The two Assistant Registrars Florence Tabu Birya and Ali Abdullahi Surraw took oath of Office on 2nd November, 2020, signalling official start of their respective duties at the Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP). The swearing in presided over by the Chief Justice Hon. David Maraga, took place at the Chief Justice’s chambers at the Supreme Court, Nairobi.

Speaking after the swearing in, the two Assistant Registrars promised to seamlessly gel into the work already attained by the ORPP. They noted the milestones the Office had made and cemented ORPP’s corporate image as a brand responsive to needs of stakeholders locally and across the region.

ASS Registrars  

Assistant Registrars of Political Parties, Mr Ali Surraw and Ms Florence Tabu at the swearing in ceremony.

“I am so delighted to join the ORPP team that has demonstrated exemplary service to this nation. I thank H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and people of Kenya for trusting me with such honourable responsibility I’m taking up today”, appreciated Florence Tabu. She noted of her commitment to bring her wealth of experience to the ORPP fold to steer the Office even to greater levels. “I take note of the strategic leadership the Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu has provided for the time she has been at the helm without the Assistant Registrars. I therefore, commit to join ORPP team to bring about a unique blend of strategic leadership for expected service to this beloved country”, she added. 

His counterpart, Ali Surraw corroborating the commitment while acknowledging the leadership responsibility to his position. “With boundless optimism, I accept this noble opportunity with a deep sense of passion, humility and commitment.  My eyes will be on the strategic goals, my ears wide open to the voices of all and my heart committed to the service”, noted Ali in his remarks after oath of Office.  He further informed of the good image the ORPP has managed to establish and maintain to stakeholders including members of the public. “You have a good corporate name out there. I salute the leadership and staff for attaining such, which persuaded my desire to join such a great institution. It is my assurance that I will support the Registrar towards realising the strategic goals of ORPP”, he acknowledged.

Guests and accompanying family members present, spoke well of seasoned professionals the two are. “Registrar, you have ‘an assistant and half’ that you can depend on as you undertake responsibilities in line with your mandate”, assured one of the guests. Representatives of ORPP staff were elated for the two joining the Office after a long wait. They unanimously acknowledged the completion of a rigorous process of recruitment of substantive Registrar and Assistant Registrars as a day of historical importance not only to ORPP but the country as a whole.

The two Assistant Registrars bring a wealth of expertise and experience to ORPP, having served in varied high ranking portfolios across sectors in respective careers spanning over a decade.

Corporate Communication Unit.

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; November 3rd,2020.


Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu is now the first substantive holder at the helm of the Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP). This is after the coming to an end of a rigorous, competitive recruitment process that culminated in her oath of Office on the 2nd November, 2020 by the Chief Justice.

RPP recieves Oath

Registrar of Political Parties, Ms Ann Nderitu recieves oath of office.

The Chief Justice Hon. Justice David Maraga while presiding over the swearing in of the Registrar and two Assistant Registrars at the Supreme Court, lauded the ORPP’s milestones made under Ann Nderitu’s stewardship pursuant to ORPP’s regulatory role of political parties. Hon. Maraga acknowledging the good work the Office had realised pertaining overall management of political parties as well sustaining good working relationship with stakeholders including political parties as well as state and non-state actors. The CJ challenged the Office to continue its good streak of streamlining political processes especially on governance and inter-political party relations. “Your seat will be a fairly hot one. It will therefore be your duty to continue ensuring that political parties operate to promote internal democracies and reign on the non-compliant ones in line with the law for cohesive society”, Maraga urged the Registrar.

CJ Maraga  

Chief Justice David Maraga making his remarks during the swearing in ceremony at the Supreme Court

The Registrar reiterated her commitment to continue steering the ORPP with objectivity and fairness as it has been the tradition. “We have always been a progressive corporate institution that values its history and foundation. I therefore salute the founders of this Office as together with the coming of the  Assistant Registrars double our efforts towards our institutional aspirations”, Ann Nderitu assured after the oath of Office.

Ms. Nderitu further thanked all the stakeholders and staff for the support accorded to her in the two year stint at helm prior to her substantive appointment. She noted her commitment to espouse open and consultative stakeholder engagement in exercise of her duties. “We remain steadfast in our commitment as an Office to institutionalise political parties, a panacea to good governance practices”, noted the Registrar. She further appreciated ORPP staff support to her vision noting that she will continue espousing open engagement with staff for a collective achievement of the Office goals. “We are an Office that is careful to listen to one another and professionally correct one another whenever we err to maintain a working family that we are known for”. 

Recruitment of the Registrar and Assistant Registrars began in May, 2020 following advertisements of their positions in print and broadcast media of national-wide reach. The process entails various phases by different authorities in line with Sections 34, 36A and sixth schedule of the Political Parties Act, 2011. The appointments of the three State Officers were contained in a special issue of The Kenya Gazette Vol. CXXII- No 183, notice No. 8089 of the 9th October, 2020.

By Corporate Communication Unit.

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; October 13th,2020.


An office physical location verification exercise is being undertaken for two provisionally registered political parties as part of legal requirement for full registration. The Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) has dispersed teams across the country to inspect and verify location and addresses of their of head office and in county offices, an exercise taking place from 12th to 16th October, 2020.

The two parties are National Reconstruction Alliance (NRA) and Umoja Summit Party. Led by the Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu, the 9 teams will cluster counties of coast, lower eastern, upper eastern, western, south nyanza, rift valley, central, nakuru and the Nairobi metro-polis regions. The exercise seeks the extent to which the two have complied with all the parameters for full registration as spelt out under section 7 of the Political Parties, Act 2011.

Commencing the Registrar, Ann Nderitu underscored the importance of thoroughness to the teams conducting the exercise as one of the fair assessment that ORPP is committed to of all political parties undergoing registration process.” This is part of our resolve as an Office to ensure political parties have necessary institutional structures and governing organs as required by law”, Ms. Nderitu underscored.

Some the conditions for full registration include; the party to have recruited not less than 1000 registered voters as members in at least 24 countries; representation of ethnic gender and special interest groups among its members and in the governing body; demonstration that members of the governing body meet the requirements of Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya as well as meet the conditions under the political parties code of conduct. The parties are also required to have submitted the required records and particulars to the Registrar of Political parties in the prescribed format.

The parties are also required to provide documentary evidence of institutional policies and manuals essential in running the day to day affairs of the parties. Out of the verification exercise, consolidated status report is developed, out of which, the Registrar determines whether or not the parties under scrutiny meet the stipulated legal threshold for full certification. Those that qualify are issued with certificate of full registration by the Registrar with 30 days upon meeting the set out criteria. The process of full registration is preceded by provisional registration which requires parties to have met set out criteria of name and symbol, ideological identity, duly executed minutes by the founders’ members, duly processed party constitution as well have signed an undertaking to be bound by political parties’ code of conduct. The interim registration lasts for 180 days upon provisional registration but subject to renewal. A party constitution sets outs elaborate rules in all aspects of the party, membership requirements, governance and management structure; financial and reporting structures; disciplinary processes; internal dispute resolutions mechanism; rules for mergers and coalitions among a host of other well delineated as specified in the second schedule of the Political Parties, Act.

Currently, there are 71 full registered and 9 provisionally registered political parties. Upon full registration, a political party attains its corporate status hence is required to operate in full fidelity of law and fiduciary corporate responsibilities in line with principles of good governance.

By Corporate Communication Unit.

Lion Place Nairobi, Kenya; October 16th,2020.

The Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) on 14th October, 2020, visited Reli self-help group, in Mukuru kwa Njenga slums, Nairobi to share moments of hope and staff-volunteered donations. This was the Office call to action following a local media outlet; NTV’s feature on the group’s plight, aired at the height of Covid-19.

During the visit, the Office spent the day with the group, resident community-based organisations, local village leaders and on-ground government officials. The visit presented a rare opportunity for ORPP to share contextualised life skills talks, experiences as well as presenting assorted dry food items bought from the proceedings of staff voluntary contributions. Specific areas of focus of the talks centred on resource-pooling mechanisms to set up sustainable income-generating small scale ventures as well as guidance for the women to actively participate in political processes and general leadership roles.

The Registrar of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu  noted that the Office will continue to support such vulnerable groups as part of ORPP care for the less-privileged as underpinned in the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Strategy. “We want to be that organisation that is connected with the society as is integral to our service delivery”, noted Ms. Nderitu.


A section of Reli women group along the railway line in Mukuru slums demonstrate washing used packing bags, which they subsequently sell to earn a meagre living at various markets in Nairobi.      

The visit was said to be just a beginning of ORPP’s outreach programmes for a wider reach. “We will be sharing appropriate opportunities to you and other vulnerable groups to uplift their well-being”, noted Robert Waithaka in his talk on the place of vulnerable special interest groups in leadership. The group was also taken through a captivating life skills talk detailing step by step individual and group empowerment practical practices based on personal experiences of the speakers. “You are able and capable of changing your lives and those of your generations. Besides seizing the opportunities highlighted, a culture of little savings and strategically pooling efforts into small scale businesses for each of your members would be appropriate move ahead as you expand your current undertaking and business approach”, further encouraged Veronicah Muasya of ORPP in her talk to the group titled, life skills; message of hope.

Local leaders including local chief, Lydia Kwamboka, public health official and local elders present, spoke well of a group destined to unshackle themselves from the yokes of poverty characterising the slum dwellings. “We are so glad that ORPP considered Mukuru’s Reli Women group as its help target. Indeed, we hope for a more sustained partnership with the Office that has done considerable well in its regulatory role in political parties”, noted Eric Ambuche, the founder of Slums Outreach Programme, a CBO that supported ORPP visit. 

Reli group’s representatives were full of gladness as they received donations and openly cross-shared touching experiences some which depicted a story of deprivation, pain and anguish. “Thank you for the heavenly visit today, our prayer is you facilitate our hard-working group with tools like water tanks and car wash project for our self-sustenance”, an elated Chair of the group Mildred Okoth urged.


Representatives of Reli Women group filled with jubilation after receiving life skills talks and donations from ORPP. The event was held at Mukuru Medical Missionaries (MMM) in Mukuru kwa Njenga, Nairobi.

Leaders reiterating the importance of public entities and officers to always lay programmes targeting the under-privileged   “I join my colleagues in appreciating ORPP for laudable CSR programmes like this one, as a way of sharing the privilege bestowed on us as public officers to serve our people. I commit that together with administration officials, I will strive looking for possible avenues such as corporate support of this nature to help you despite the challenges of limited opportunities’,  said the area chief. The area sub-county public officer, Mary Chiwali urging the group to continue upholding healthy practices including adhering to Covid-19 guidelines as they try to eke a living.


ORPP representatives joined by local Community based Organisation officials, local leaders and government officials


ORPP team and local leaders take a walk around the Mukuru slums to the Reli women group’s washing area

One of the way forward out of the day’s deliberations was for ORPP to further engage with the relevant leaders in the community for long term solutions to afford them a decent living. Further, it was agreed for heightened community programmes that also targets boys, to attain a balanced society in future. Currently, Reli women group has 41 members and has been registered as a self-group by the relevant authorities.


Governing organs of six latest fully registered political parties got a boost following a training on the 2nd and 5th October on various tenets of governance. The training conducted by the Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) drew participants from governing body officials of Grand Dream Development Party (GGDP), United Green Movement (UGM), Civic Renewal Party (CRP), The Service Party (TSP), National Ordinary People Empowerment Union (NOPEU) and the Party of Economic Democracy (PED).

The training was tailor-made to hone skills for the officials to enable them discharge duties in their respective party governing organs. Specific areas of focus for the training included  legal framework for political parties (Political Parties Act, Elections Act, respective party constitutions), compliance requirements of parties, membership requirements , key roles for established governing bodies, stipulations for special interest groups, various institutional policy and financial/audit management requirements as well as offences for political breaches.

The Register of Political Parties, Ann Nderitu, underscored the strategic role the governing organs play, noting that training is part of the ORPP strive to build capacity and address challenges that befall political parties especially for the newly registered ones. “This training is critical for us as ORPP  as part of our regulatory commitment to ground appropriate governance structures for parties to be institutions with a national outlook and live up to their ideologies as enshrined in Article 91 of the Kenyan Constitution”, Ann Nderitu said.

RPP Presenting at Training

The Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu makes her remarks during the training in Nairobi

Ms Nderitu further urged the officials to practise the ideals of democratic principles as they exercise their duties which they hold in trust for the party members and members of the public. “A host of challenges we have recently witnessed in political parties can largely be handled by sound and accountable governing organs in political parties”, Registrar urged. Further, adding that new political parties have an opportunity to redeem negative perception held by some about politics by ensuring inclusivity and participation by all with stake respective political parties. She called cautioned the trained parties not to fall into the trap of parties wrangles that largely derail progressive actualisation of parties which also largely denies Kenyans an opportunity to exercise the constitutionally guaranteed political rights. “Following this important training, a lot of expected from you as newly established outfits to change the governance outlay in your respective parties not just for compliance but the larger call of leadership duty”, urged ORPP’s Director of Compliance Juliet Murimi. ORPP trainers were: Robert Waithaka (ICT); Joel Terer & Saquib Kazungu (Administration/ Records); Judy Gathoni, Joyce Onyango & Ludupo Tukei (Registration);   Anastacia Kaberere (Training and Development); Joseph Kanja (Planning); Veronica Muasya (Internal Audit); Wafula Wakoko (Legal) with support of Alice Gichaga, Damaris Wambui and Victoria Mutheu.

The holders of various positions were further called to ensure clearly delineated roles for harmonious working relationship as outlined in the political parties’ code of conduct and in their respective party constitutions. Some of the national structures, which are reflected in lower levels for political parties include: The National Executive Council, The National Management Committee, National Elections Board, Internal Dispute Resolution Mechanisms among others. The six parties attained full registration status in the last two years, between 2018 and 2020.

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