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The ORPP through the Communication Office on Monday 1st July 2019 delivered old newspapers as a donation to AIC Milimani, Nairobi towards the church’s empowerment project.

The project runs to nurture talents and generally empower the congregation’s teen group majority of whom come from underprivileged backgrounds including the street children. The project entails producing creative works of art manifested into various household goods and décor.

   5011 min     

  Sample of the final products drafted by the teenagers             


   Stack of old Newspapers donated by ORPP

“We truly appreciate the ORPP kind gesture which will go a long way towards the noble focus, I spearhead. Our larger calling and purpose is to strive to attain balanced persons amongst our congregants beyond just spiritual nourishment”, gratefully observed Pastor Steven Munyambu, the in-charge of the project.

He further highlighted the gains the church had made towards imparting the youth observing that “We take cognizance of the fact that the target teens are largely disadvantaged to compete with the rest especially in the job market hence our resolve to give them a second chance through art as we also endeavour to take them through schooling.

So passionate is Mr. Munyambu that he takes personal effort and sacrifice to align its project towards development models as well try to his best to acquire for them locally made raw materials for the project. For instance, he has undertaken deliberate effort to align the endeavour to the Chinese development model on which enhancing human capital is put core. To this end he observes “I’m insightfully convinced through research findings  I have been undertaking that development of human capital should be our focus not just for our church faithful but at a national scale so that we pass knowledge, skills and right attitude down generations and importantly for self-sustainability”.

The communication office during the discussion also mooted the possibility of earmarking the church as possible target for ORPP CSR activities, such as organizing for relevant officers offer career and life talks to its youth and teens to give them the much needed hope, sense of care and love.


Corporate Communication Officer Ms Lucy Kemunto Presenting

the old newspapers to Pr. Stephen Munyambu of AIC Milimani