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The youth leaders in political parties have been called to take advantage of favourable legal and policy architecture in the country that accommodates their inclusion in political governance. They were apprised of myriad   principles in the Constitution of Kenya (CoK), 2010 that promote representation of marginalized groups in electoral positions. In the context of political parties’ process, aspects such as nominating candidates to their party list, support in campaign funding and other enabling youth-oriented national platforms have been put in place.

In her opening remarks during a sensitization forum for political parties youth leaders on 27th August 2021 at Sarova Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, the Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu noted that for young people to be adequately represented in political institutions, processes and decision-making, they must know their rights. The youth she noted must further be accorded opportunity for necessary knowledge and capacity to participate in a meaningful way at all levels. The Registrar also counseled the youth on emerging challenges brought about by mental health issues that she cited was adversely affecting them. “Youth leaders present at this forum need to take stock of particular issues affecting you and advocate in your respective parties for appropriate solutions including on matters pertaining to mental health issues”, the Registrar advised. She urged the political parties youth representatives to tap knowledge and understanding from the older people that can help them impact positively in the political space.

Assistant Registrar of Political Parties, Mr. Ali Surraw called on the youth to overcome myths that youth are apathetic and not mature enough to take up leadership positions. He reiterated that a healthy and resilient democracy must be inclusive.

On his part, Resident Representative, Kenya - Ethiopia: Daniel Seiberling of the Hanns Siedel Foundation Kenya, the supporting partner to the ORPP-convened forum too challenged the youth to take up double responsibility, that of working with the party and working with the youth. “The youth face many issues in this world, but these issues go unheard. I urge you to work and relate with the youth at the community level, since the youth would better understand other young people”, he said. He further urged the youth to be ready to take up duties as power comes with responsibility.


Resident Representative, Kenya - Ethiopia: Daniel Seiberling of the Hanns Siedel Foundation, speaking during the youth forum held at Sarova Stanley Hotel.

The Office designated team sensitized participants present on various topical areas including; political parties processes; level of involvement/inclusion of Special Interest Groups in political processes; barriers to meaningful participation and roadmap to 2022 General Elections; election timelines and aspirants requirements.

Youth leaders who spoke were of the collective view that bodies involved in electoral management to upscale information sharing in readiness for the upcoming general elections. Bina Maseno of Movement for Democracy and growth (MDG) party encouraged the youth present to move the youth agenda forth and be empowered to go for leadership positions. “Negotiate for any position, have courage, be pro-active and your party leadership will recognize your effort” she said.